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My most caring Yayasan Pelajaran Johor!

hello! Today all the sudden, i wanted to blog about the organization who responsible to financially support ME in achieving my dream to become an Aircraft Engineer, YAYASAN PELAJARAN JOHOR which is a notable welfare organization under the authority of GOVERNMENT OF JOHOR DARUL TAKZIM. Last year, the first intake of YPJ trainee on JAN 2010-1 TJT and on AUG 2010-3 TJT / 3 TAME. FYI, TJT stands for Trainee Junior Technician and TAME is Trainee Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. YPJ generously finance TJT RM85K and TAME RM 200K.
Several month after we entered METC, we were having a tiny request to our sponsor on converting the food cooked everyday for us to allowance as we thought it would be better if we use the money given to please our own stomach, no offence to the management. within a few weeks after an email was sent, we were to please receive an email from YPJ.

This Picture proven that YPJ do really take care of their trainees!
We had lunch at the BLUE WAVE HOTEL, SHAH ALAM and met for the first time the open hearted YB DATO HJ ZALIL B. HJ BARON as the General Manager of YPJ and the YPJ office, Mr Mat Zeen. Both of them were very understanding of our situation and promise to settle it as soon as possible. here are some of the picture taken at the meeting.
Yummy buffet!!

 Adam Ahlami TAME Aug'10

Farhan TJT Aug'10

Aizad TAME Aug'10

Khaidir TJT Jan'10

Fazwan TJT Aug'10

Nasarudin TJT Aug'10

Faid Aiman TAME Aug'10

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sponsorship Yayasan Pelajaran Johor For MAS Engineer Intake

Yayasan Pelajaran Johor mempelawa anda untuk menyertai Kursus
Pelatih Jurutera (MAS)
 Warganegara Malaysia dilahirkan di Negeri Johor yang telah menetap
tidak kurang lima (5) tahun berturut-turut di Negeri Johor.
 Berumur 18 hingga 23 tahun semasa hari sesi penilaian.
 Minimum SPM bagi kursus ;
i) Jurutera Penyelenggaraan (MAS) dengan gred B4/B dalam
Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Inggeris, Matematik dan
Fizik/Sains Am,
ii) Jurutera, Akauntan, Pengurusan dan Teknologi Maklumat
(MMU) dengan gred 6A dalam subjek berkaitan.
 Boleh bertutur dan menulis di dalam Bahasa Malaysia dan Bahasa
Inggeris dengan baik.
 Sihat tubuh badan dan mental – mempunyai penglihatan dan
pendengaran yang baik dan tidak buta warna.
 Lulus Ujian dan temuduga khas (MAS)
Langkah 1: Mengisi Borang Permohonan YPJ (YPJ01) yang boleh dimuat turun melalui
laman web dan hantar ke alamat YPJ.
Langkah 2: Muat turun Data Peribadi isikan dan hantar melalui email YPJ di
Tarikh Tutup Permohonan: 31 Mac 2011
Cepat, tempat adalah terhad!!!.
1st Batch Selected Trainee for 2010!

FYI: I heard only 10 will chose among thousands. Don't get fool of those requirement, Even 9A+ student didnt make the first cut of the interview, Best wishes! and Just please be yourself. thats what really count! 

Flight Attendent 101!

How to Communicate Better

Being a Flight Attendant means interacting with Passengers. It is the 
same in a Cabin Crew Interview; you must interact with the interviewers. 
If you don't make a positive impression on the interviewer you will never 
get to be a Flight Attendant so it's THAT important.

This Article is a basic introduction to some communication skills that will 
get you a job as a Flight Attendant.
Types of Communication.

There are basically two relevant types of communication in dealing with 
passengers- Verbal and Non-verbal (there is also written but try and 
leave the guy in 23B a note about not having his vegetarian meal and see 
how that works out ;-).
Verbal Communication

With Verbal Communication there are two things to consider

It’s obvious that if you sound annoyed or angry the passenger or 
interviewer will not feel positive towards your comments. Also be careful 
of sounding flippant or boastful as this too is a put-off.

Sarcasm is of course the biggest turn off for most people. Actively listen 
to what the interviewer/passenger has to say and respond in an 
interested , friendly but professional tone.

Same at the interview, practise these skills as they aren’t natural to some 

It’s also true that the tone or timbre of your voice is important although 
harder to personally gauge. Ask people's opinion on how “pleasant” your 
voice is. Try varying your tone and pitch.
Chose your words carefully!

You should never belittle or embarrass a passenger; you should never 
appear bossy or dismissive in your response.

When dealing with passengers and interviewers these are very important 
to how you are perceived and this is down to your verbal and non-verbal 
communication skills..
Non Verbal Communication
How you dress and look

Of course this is just as important and Flight Attendants will have 
uniforms. Make sure you read our articles about dress and make-up to 
get some more detail.
How long and how much eye contact you should make

Eye contact shows that you are interested in what the person has to say. 
Don’t over do it , you might be seen as staring.
Gestures & Body Language

Be careful as gestures are interpreted differently with various cultures.

Don’t fold your arms or lean against the cabin door , as I saw on a recent 

Leaning forward to engage the person you’re talking to will show your 
interest. If you are tall, bend or stoop so that you are at the same level 
as the person you are talking to.

Turn your whole body to face the passenger and not just your neck.

Don’t slouch , slump or show the soles of your feet (especially rude in 
some parts of the world)

It pays not to stink , it’s great to smell nice.

Smell nice. Be mindful of body odor. Perfume is a personal choice so make 
sure you don’t over do it, the plane is a small enclosed space.
Facial Expressions

SMILE, don’t frown , don’t roll your eyes.

Good communication is the basis of passenger satisfaction and as such it 
is essential you demonstrate your ability to communicate in your interview

Life of A Flight Attendant :))

Sources :
Interviewee : Richard, a formal flight attendant with a major British Carrier

 Is it a glamorous job or not?
The flying part isn’t glamorous in the slightest – it’s hard work and you have permanent jet-lag. However, on the flip-side, when you get to spend your layovers in five star hotels in interesting and exciting places all over the world, then yes, it certainly had its moments.

But you get lots of time off don’t you?
For safety reasons, there are strict regulations as to how many hours you can work, so I was probably flying for two weeks out of every month.

You mention safety – I assume this is a key aspect of your training?
Very much so. As well as the passenger comfort and promoting the airline’s reputation, our key role was keeping our passengers safe.

So cabin crew will remain cool, calm and collected in an emergency then?
I’d like to think I would have done, but you can never tell till it happens. I certainly know of some of my colleagues who between them were scared of going down the emergency slides, got claustrophobia in the smoke hoods and some could barely swim. 

On my first flight, I was sitting next to the over-wing emergency exits with a similarly inexperienced crew-member on the other side of the plane, and we both realised more or less simultaneously, that neither of us had the first clue how to the open the doors. Our training planes had been rather different but fortunately, our ignorance wasn’t tested.

Did you often encounter troublesome passengers?
Very infrequently. In my experience, it is alcohol which causes the most problems on planes. I did have to restrain a drunk passenger once, employing the highly technical martial art technique of sitting on him and shouting for help. 

Any tricks for placating the enthusiastic boozer?
Putting mixers in first and floating a splash of alcohol on top so the first mouthful feels like a deceptively strong drink. To be honest, it wasn’t often an issue since the people that drink heavily tend to fall asleep after a while.

Any hairy moments when flying?
Not as cabin crew, no. All the oxygen masks fell out during one flight after the First Officer made a mistake, and the ground crew in Lusaka couldn’t get them back in so we had to fly for hours with these things dangling around. The only other nervy moments were when Captains forgot how many “dings” on the intercom meant what. We used to get some who would inadvertently signal that there was a major incident onboard the plane, and that would always get the heart-rate going a little.

Do you get to choose which part of the plane you work in?
This usually comes down to seniority – the more senior you are, the first pick you get. 

I assume First Class with the supermodels and A-listers is where everyone wants to be and not with us plebs at the back?
Yes and no. First Class passengers were sometimes extremely demanding since they (or more likely their company) had paid a lot of money for the ticket, and they were determined to get their money’s worth. Economy class passengers on long haul flights were generally quite a cheerful bunch since they were resigned to their fate.

Do cabin crew do any of the cooking onboard or is it all pre-prepared food which is reheated?
Mostly it was the latter but we did make the odd thing. Scrambled eggs in First Class were made to order and I can recommend adding champagne to make them light and fluffy. It never occurred to me that some people do not drink alcohol for health or religious reason.

Are there any good perks to being cabin crew?
We sometimes got presents from First Class passengers – a member of the Saudi Royal Family gave us all Rolexes for example. I was provided with a chauffeur to show me around by a super-rich Ghanaian chap whilst he was busy in two days of meetings.

Another time, a few of us were also invited to the estate of a Venezuelan businessman whilst we had a stop over. I also remember a member of cabin crew being given flying lessons by the Captain as they flew an empty plane back to the UK. It always fills me joy to look upwards and wonder if the plane going past is being flown by someone with a license.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TNB said,Think Nuclear, Think Green ^.^

TNB has embarked on various initiatives to ensure the delivery of continuous, stable, and reliable electricity supply for the consumption of our consumers.

The national five-fuel energy diversification policy recognises oil, hydro, gas, coal and renewable energy as the main fuels for powering the nation.

Besides electricity generation from diesel, coal, oil and gas, TNB has commissioned a few solar hybrid systems located in Pulau Kapas Terengganu and other rural areas; in order to meet the increasing electricity demand. Long-term energy security concerns, however, prompted the nuclear energy option to be revisited.
In June 2009, the Malaysian Cabinet decided to include nuclear energy as part of an energy option for electricity generation particularly in Peninsular Malaysia for post-2020.

Furthermore, with the threat of climate change and the depletion of fossil fuel resources, it is no surprise that utilities worldwide are putting the nuclear alternative back on the table.

In our effort to educate the public, this section will provide you with further information about nuclear energy.

Fuel for 1,000 MWe for 1 Year
100 km2 land area
3,000 Wind turbine of 1 MWe
800 million chicken
30,000km2 of plantation area



Monday, March 21, 2011

Rainy Hot Air Balloonless :'(

Its a beautiful bright Sunday morning at Ara Damansara, i woke up late as the sun is halfway on top of us. As i walk thru the corridor and opened up my desktop, i wondered, ""Hmmm.. Nak buat apa seyh arini??" and snap! i forgot! Hanie is going to pick me up for the Hot Air balloon Festival at Putrajaya! here where the 'shit thing happened' begin. i ran to the bathroom and took my shower(of course its a express shower). get dressed and texted hanie asking her whether she was ready or not? i had my finger crossed hopung for her to be late as i am. but shit! she's was on her way.. alahhhhh! i wore my socks and my shoes with other of my accessories otw down the apartment and hanie was there at the front gate with her Saga BLM(how come my dad wont let me have a car? burgh!). when straight to Eya's house at TTDI and there i met again their friend, Ewan(nice guy). After short brief introduction, we went straight down to putrajaya.

Upon our arrival it was already noon and no air balloon could be found anywhere(except those advertising balloon shaped like a Hindenburg and large kite), we park the car few hundred metre away from the event(it was not easy finding the perfect spot to park, i mean it!)and we took a walk and had lunch at the food stalls there.

Moving on after the pleasant lunch, we went event-hunting to kills those boredom and time, we snap so pictures and decided to go for the paddle boat at the lake. but unfortunately, rain drop on a really bad timing. urgh! so we procrastinated the plan and took a cruise ride along the lake. ii got to say, its a very relaxing and reliefing ride looking at the cute lil kids playing around with their excited faces.In fact, we had a pep talk with the captain itself and guess what? we were actually sitting on the white leather seat with our hand on the wheels babeh! yeah!

after the ride, the rain stopped, and we didnt had those feeling for any sea related ride and got bored. we take a walk around the vicinty and went straight home. yes! we didnt see any hot air balloon. boohoo.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

ADMAL Aviation Vacancies

About Admal

ADMAL Sdn. Bhd. was founded by a group of younger and eager entrepreneurs in 2001 and headed by very vast experienced personals in the aviation industry. Our head office is located at Dana 1 Commercial Centre, which is only 5 minutes away from Subang Airport. We own 14 aircrafts, which are leased to operators and airlines. We also have 4 DCA approved aircraft maintenance bases; which are located at Senai Airport, Sandakan Airport, Sg. Besi Airport and Kuala Terengganu Airport..
ADMAL currently employs a dedicated team for marketing, procurement, engineering project management, design works and utilizes strategic partners to accomplish various functions, such as aircraft sales, material & logistics support, engineering design solutions and certifications.  It outsourcers many routine functions to the best provider of services supported by technology required to assure the quality standards demanded by the company. 
Appointed as the one and only authorised sales agent for EADS Socata products, our strength lies in our commitment through our partnership with EADS and Eurocopter Malaysia. The strategic partnership holds a very strong devotion to support the local and international aviation market industry. Just recently, ADMAL has been granted another Exclusive Right from SATUMA UAV to market & promote defence equipment as in target drones and unmanned aerial vehicle system in the local & regional market. This is another step forward in ADMAL’s success in holding a strong reputation with her partners, believing and having the faith in her capability to grow as a significant player in the market. 
Our philosophy centers on the principles that every project receives our very own personal touch.  Clients’ will be rest assured that their needs and demands are met and supported by the team.  This is taken into consideration of Time and Costs being the major factor of our clients’ necessities.
We take every project as a new challenge and we will strive to weather all storms that come.  Professionalism is guaranteed. 
Admal Aircraft (Labuan) Ltd (Co. No.LL06307)
AALL provides sales and leasing of aircraft. Currently own 2 Boeing 737-300 and 5 year dry lease to SRIWIJAYA AIR, based in Jakarta. Plans to increase our commercial aircraft fleet in 5 years.

Admal Education Sdn Bhd (Co. No. 635775-K)
AESB provides education and training program in aicraft maintenance engineering at our future Admal Aviation College. AESB also provides continuing education and type course for aviation professionals with our individual partner. AESB offer aircraft maintenance diploma program through our partnership with UniKL.

Admal Niaga Sdn Bhd (Co.No.693645-H)
ANSB provides services in the healthcare management, healthcare products and healthcare facility management. ANSB also provides consultancy in aviation related business. ANSB also trades in goods, merchandise,    commodities, plant & machinery and and articles of all description.

On-going project
i)  Clinic Putrijaya located at Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
ii)  Agarwood plantation located at Mukim Telipot, Pasir Puteh, Kelantan

Located @ Sepang; looking for:-
1. Lecturer (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering)
2. Lecturer (English/Moral/Islamic/Malaysian Studies)
3. Lab Technician
4. Executive (Admin/Finance/HR)
5. Executive (Academic/Student Services)
6. ICT Executive


603 78427786 (Ms. Intan)

Closing: 23March2011

Sanbumi Air Transport Aviation Vacancies

Sanbumi Air Transport looking for Malaysian citizens for short range turbo prop engine aircraft operations:-
Pilots (Senior Positions)
First Officer
Licensed Aircraft Engineers (Senior Position)
Licensed Aircraft Engineers (Junior Position - Single Cat LWTR holder can apply)
Cabin Crew


Attn: Mr. Hariyadurai

Closing Date: 26 March 2011

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